Wading The Great River

Wading The Great River, by Larry Comstock

"Wading the Great River" was Larry Comstock's first "official" release of music to the public in 2008.

He performed all instrumental parts and vocals, and it took an incredible five years to finish. Some songs, like Mountain Man, date back as far as 1985.

"I played lots of music since the 70's, but kept writing and holding off on recording until I felt my music was truly ready," he said. "One day, as I penned yet another song and saw gray hair on the man in the mirror, I decided that it was time to share." 

"I suppose some lyrics in the title track summed up my decision to finally move foward with this album:  The river’s deep and wide but always moves along. I can watch it rolling by or jump in, right or wrong. I can try to swim upstream, hard against the flow, or point my feet downstream and see where it will go."

Larry extends his deepest thanks to everyone who encouraged and supported him along the way.

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