Never Enough

Never Enough by Larry Comstock

"Never Enough" is Larry Comstock's second solo album, released on April 25, 2011. 

Larry performed all instrumental parts, vocals, production, etc., and it took about three years to finish. A few of the songs, like One More Melody, date back as far as 1985, but many of the other songs were written more recently.

This album includes a number of songs about love and how it impacts our lives under different circumstances. But there are some interesting variations, too, like Voice On The Mesa, that traces the lives of Native Americans, and Evermore, which is a musical tribute in memory of the late Dan Fogelberg. Evermore was an important song personally for Larry, as Fogelberg's music and style of writing helped shape his skills and interest in songwriting as far back as 1974.

Bring My Soldier Home is a re-release of a single first marketed in 2008. Larry decided to finally give it a home in this album, and took the opportunity to do some remixing. 

"Thanks for supporting independent musicians like me who love to bring new music to the world," he commented. "Special thanks also to my wife, Mary Beth, who put up with the late nights and long hours spent bringing this album to completion.  Her fine photography graces the cover of the album and much of this website."